Tekst in image: ‘What arab country in next having its revolution? La France !’. I think France is representing here the arabophilic and islamomanic attitude of the entire EU bureaucracy.
It is a good sign though, that NATO, EU and USA are not going to bomb Libya like Serbia before, without UN Security Council consent. The scenario: Accusing the ‘regime’ of bombing its own people, denouncing ‘war crimes’ of the Head of State, threatening to bring him before the International Criminal Law Court in The Hague has been set in, like before against Chavez, Ahmedinijad and all other antagonists of the ‘International Community’ (which excludes three quarters of the world population: Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Arabs, Chinese, even sometimes Russians!). The maghreb revolts have been eagerly interpreted as strivings after democracy by the western media. They obscure Khadafi’s masterpiece: The greatest engineering feature ever: The Longest Underground River. But any tv-watcher can notice the renewed religious frenzy attacking anyone secular or christian. British pressure for a non-flying zone above Libya on the EU and eager ‘assistance’ in democratisation is like always propelled by its standing policy to weaken the EU by as streching it as far as possible. France’s recognition of the Libyan rebels reflects its increasing internal criticism of supporting repressive regimes in Afrika. If the EU will again approve of additional mass muslim immigration from the Maghreb region, to the question: What arab/muslim country is going to have its revolution next (after Tunisia and Egypt), the answer may well be : LA FRANCE !