David Duke, who is he?1)

David Duke was born near the geographic center of the USA. His parents came from Kansas and Missouri. His father was a petroleum engineer with Shell Oil Company, which transferred him to The Hague in The Netherlands along with his wife Maxine and son David. At that time Holland was still the country of tulips and blond kids. The family returned the United States and took up residence in New Orleans, Louisiana. David identified himself with southern nationalism and like most southerners of the time, he considered the north as guilty of the Civil War because it denied the people of the South self-government.
The Duke family Black housekeeper had the traditional southern Black attitude concerning racial issues, and opposed socializing with White folks.
Much like today, the mainstream media held that there is no genetic difference between Whites and Blacks other than skin color, and it argued that the civil rights movement would smooth all barriers and create racial harmony and material progress for all. Yet, ultimately, even after decades of equal rights — black crime, poverty, male abandonment of children, and a host of other African societal ills became more acute.
As an adolescent David became aware of liberalism. (in the American sense of political correctness preaching human beings being all equal not simply in rights but in biology) He came to believe that massive immigration and other policies were part of the Zionist agenda to divide and conquer by lessening solidarity and pride among non-Jews. Cf. George Orwell’s cynical adage, ‘Some animals are more equal than others’.2

David Duke, what does he want to achieve?

David Duke is not a world renowned scientist or famous writer, but a wide ranging intellect who brings together different disciplines of thought into present-day historical, political and biogenetic and psychological scientific masterwork of sweeping insight.3 The late and prominent Prof. Glayde Whitney, who was the President of the Behavior Genetic Association of the United States, described David Duke as a modern day Voltaire.
Although called a racist by the mainstream media, Dr. Duke does not advocate any sort of suppression of racial groups and in fact is a champion of the idea that every people on Earth have the right to preserve their heritage, their unique culture and their independence and freedom. Far from being a racist suppressor, he consistently argues for freedom for all peoples and specifically opposed American globalist and imperialist policies around the world such as the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War.
Although his doctorate is in the discipline of History, he has a keen knowledge and understanding of both the biological sciences and psychology. He says that the academic who most contributed to his understanding of the Jewish extremism is Dr. Kevin Macdonald3), who splendidly describes the psychological motives behind the ‘ self-named Jewish sciences’ of neofreudian Gestalt-psychology, Boasian sexology and Horkheimerian (Frankfurter Schule) politicology, all aiming at the pathologicalization of the European civilisation. David Duke focuses on the pernicious role of Zionist networks in banking, American foreign policy/war mongering, multi-ethnic immigration policy and so-called “affirmative-action,” a nice-sounding moniker for a pernicious anti-white discrimination. Furthermore, David Duke shows that the political and psychological lynchpin of it all to be the Globalist media .
David Duke has never shied away from controversial events when he thought intellectual and human freedom was at stake. To that end he attended Teheran Conference on the Holocaust, not as a speaker who questioned veracity of the Holocaust but to protest the imprisonment of men and women for their freedom of speech on the issue. He says that the officials who put people in prison for their academic, intellectual opinions are the real criminals. “People who voice an opinion,” he says, “are not criminals, but those who try to put them in prison are indeed true criminals who deserve to be punished.”
He says it is a great crime to put men and women in prison for exercising their human rights of freedom of speech and expressing their conscience. They should not be imprisoned he says, but those who kidnap these men from their families and imprison them, they are the ones who should be jailed.
David Duke has been falsely accused of being the Founder of the Christian racist-labeled Ku Klux Klan, which he on the contrary endeavored to transform into a non-violent political movement. No member of his group was ever accused any violent crime against even a single minority.
Frustrated by media distortion of his group, he left it in 1977, 34 years ago. He opposes White supremacism or any other form of suppression of other races. He says that Jewish extremists are the true supremacists as witnessed by the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.
David Duke went on to win public office as a member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana and later defeated in the first primary the sitting Republican Governor. And he gave the closest political race in the 18 year career of Louisiana US Senator Bennett Johnston. Duke received over 65 percent of the European American vote in a state of similar population size to that of Austria. Duke is an agile and humorous activist pur sang on university campuses, international press conferences to begin with in England (where he got arrested) or lecturing universities in Kiev, Russia or across the globe. Smeared by the Zionist Anti-Defamation League as a ‘racist’, he has embarked on a world wide crusade for European and American rights and heritage and has been well received among peoples of his tribe. To give an example of his humor: Once after a well-received lecture on a left wing university campus, he was verbally accosted by a obscenity-speaking, left-wing White girl about her relation with a Black male standing by her. One might expect the media caricature of David Duke to speak invective against the Black male, but instead Duke addressed himself to the Black man, and said. “ I am just amazed that a perfect gentleman like yourself would be involved with such white trash,” yielding him great laughter which morphed into loud cheers by the student audience.

David Duke, what does he do now?

From a European point of view, one notices in David Duke’s early life the rather typically American predominant preoccupation with white-black issues, fierce anti-communism (impinged upon him during his stay in Vietnam, his father, a former Army Colonel who as an engineer constructed schools and other civil structures for anti-Communist South Vietnam and later Laos. His father sported rather narrow, Christian biblical ethics, dealing with abortus provocatus and homosexuality, instead of concentrating on the necessity of ethno-natalist policies. But Duke was a man always questioning and always learning, and later embraced the Russian people and spent five years in Russian stoking and advising Russian nationalists .His in-born American fear of Russia has concomitantly faded away. Bravissimo!
Nowadays, Dr. Duke promotes a vision, a white evolutionary strategy pertaining at restoring the demographic foundations of our people. He is dedicated to making our people aware of the threats to our survival by the dearth of births and the massive influx of non-Europeans into Euro-nations.
He still concentrates a great deal on the threat of Zionism which he maintains is not only a threat to the Palestinians and others but also just as much a threat to Europeans. He says that the subservience of some pro-European groups to the anti-European Zionist movement is a prescription for disaster and defeat.4) He points out that the Jewish supremacists who support Israel are the same supremacists in media and academia who have taught us to hate ourselves and who have literally opened the gates to the invaders , a fact, as he points out, is also historically accurate in the records of the fall of Constantinople and the fall of Spain.
He is actively involved in convincing the Australian politicians and public, that they should stand up for the European founders of their great nation and that Australia must not remain a vast depository for the unlimited masses of Asia, which policy would, if not drastically put to an end, sweep away the heritage of the country.
His webpage and lectures all fit into his drive to awaken the European masses, that they have a moral right to survive and an absolute human right to their civil rights and ethnic freedom and heritage.

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