In concordance with my denouncement of (NATO) war crimes against former Yugoslavia to the International Criminal Law Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY)(see this website under ‘publications’), and my writings about the ICTY which are repeated here-after, I would like to suggest for reading first the following text exonerating General Mladic. ( with thanks to for linkage and to for the dutch text and english-subtitled and dutch spoken video following after this first recommended text and my ICTY writings)

The government of Serbia has arrested Ratko Mladic who was the former Chief of Staff of the Bosnian Serb Army and some people are claiming that this will end the chapter of this brutal civil war. However, Srebrenica is complex because events did not happen because of one factor but were based on the cold reality of a complex civil war where innocents were killed on all sides. However, which Srebrenica is “real” and which is “unreal?”
Srebrenica in all its complexity

This topic is very complex and it is abundantly clear that the mass media is still playing a propaganda war on the whole because the same story is being told. Yet the reality of Srebrenica is much more complex because this name is still being openly manipulated. Therefore, will real issues be raised or will the Bosnian leadership, America, the United Kingdom, NATO, and others, just continue with this “whitewash?”

Now, before I try to focus on neglected issues I would firstly like to state that thousands of Muslims were killed in Srebrenica once this place fell to Bosnian Serbian forces. It is also clear that innocent Muslims were killed during the mayhem of events.

Indeed, Srdja Trifkovic, historian, author, and foreign affairs analyst ,comments about the complex nature of Srebrenica in his article called The Genocide Myth: Uses and Abuses of Srebrenica.

Srdja Trifkovic states that “During the Bosnian war between May 1992 and July 1995, several thousand Muslim men lost their lives in Srebrenica and its surroundings. Most of them died in July of 1995 when the enclave fell unexpectedly to the Bosnian Serb Army and the Muslim garrison attempted a breakthrough. Some escaped to the Muslim-held town of Tuzla, 38 miles to the north. Many were killed while fighting their way through; and many others were taken prisoner and executed by the Bosnian Serb army.”

Therefore, just like Srdja Trifkovic states, it is abundantly clear that many prisoners were executed by the Bosnian Serb army. However, unlike Srdja Trifkovic who is trying to seek answers and to raise important issues; it is abundantly clear that many national governments want to hide the real reality of Srebrenica.

Srdja Trifkovic continues by stating that “It is often pointed out that Srebrenica was an UN “protected zone,” but it is seldom noted that the enclave was simultaneously an armed camp used for attacks against Serb villages in the surrounding areas. Muslim General Sefer Halilovic confirmed in his testimony at the Hague Tribunal that there were at least 5,500 Bosnian Army soldiers in Srebrenica after it had obtained the “safe haven” status, and that he had personally arranged numerous deliveries of sophisticated weapons by helicopter.”

French General Philippe Morillon, the UNPROFOR commander who first called international attention to the Srebrenica enclave, is adamant that the crimes was quite “extraordinary in the region committed by those Muslim soldiers made the Serbs’ desire for revenge inevitable. He testified at The Hague Tribunal on February 12, 2004, that the Muslim commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, “engaged in attacks during Orthodox (Christian) holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants. This created a degree of hatred that was quite extraordinary in the region.”

These paragraphs alone paint the real picture because Srebrenica had witnessed many massacres of Serbian Christians within the surrounding region and the Muslim Bosniak forces were clearly not innocent.

Indeed, it must be pointed out that Bosnian Serb forces allowed Muslim women and others, to flee Srebrenica. Yet clearly the Muslim Bosniak forces cared little about this and many Serbian women, old people, and Serbs in general, were massacred in surrounding villages.

Major-General (Ret) Lewis Mackenzie who is a retired Canadian general also raises serious doubts about so-called “good” and “evil.” In his article called“The real story behind Srebrenica. The massacre in the UN ‘safe haven’ was not a black and white event,” which was published in The Globe and Mail (July 14, 2005), he clearly highlights neglected areas.

Lewis MacKenzie stated the following:

“As the Bosnian Muslim fighters became better equipped and trained, they started to venture outside Srebrenica, burning Serb villages and killing their occupants before quickly withdrawing to the security provided by the UN’s safe haven. These attacks reached a crescendo in 1994 and carried on into early 1995 after the Canadian infantry company that had been there for a year was replaced by a larger Dutch contingent.

The Bosnian Serbs might have had the heaviest weapons, but the Bosnian Muslims matched them in infantry skills that were much in demand in the rugged terrain around Srebrenica. As the snow cleared in the spring of 1995, it became obvious to Nasar Oric, the man who led the Bosnian Muslim fighters, that the Bosnian Serb army was going to attack Srebrenica to stop him from attacking Serb villages. So he and a large number of his fighters slipped out of town. Srebrenica was left undefended with the strategic thought that, if the Serbs attacked an undefended town, surely that would cause NATO and the UN to agree that NATO air strikes against the Serbs were justified. And so the Bosnian Serb army strolled into Srebrenica without opposition.”

After the Bosnian Serbian army entered Srebrenica it is clear that many things happened because events on the ground were changing quickly. This applies to many Muslim forces fleeing Srebrenica and it is clear that elites within the Bosniak Muslim army had escaped to safety and left others to their fate.

General Morillon from France also makes it clear that the Bosniak Muslim army was brutal and this would vindicate what Lewis MacKenzie states. Therefore, it is clear that people should be made fully aware about “the real Srebrenica” and not just an anti-Serbian point of view.

General Morillon comments that “Naser Oric was a warlord who reigned by terror in his area and over the population itself. I think that he realized that these were the rules of this horrific war, that he could not allow himself to take prisoners. According to my recollection, he didn’t even look for an excuse. It was simply a statement: One can’t be bothered with prisoners.”

Morillon also recounts how “the Serbs took me to a village to show me the evacuation of the bodies of the inhabitants that had been thrown into a hole, a village close to Bratunac. And this made me understand the degree to which this infernal situation of blood and vengeance […] led to a situation when I personally feared that the worst would happen if the Serbs of Bosnia managed to enter the enclaves and Srebrenica.”

“I feared that the Serbs, the local Serbs, the Serbs of Bratunac, these militiamen, they wanted to take their revenge for everything that they attributed to Naser Oric. It wasn’t just Naser Oric that they wanted to revenge, take their revenge on; they wanted to revenge their dead on Orthodox Christmas.”

Again, the comment by Morillon appears to be vindicated by Lord Owen because Lord Owen was clearly worried about the fall of Srebrenica. Lord Owen highlights on page 143 of his book, Balkan Odyssey, that “On 16 April I spoke on the telephone to President Milosevic about my anxiety that, despite repeated assurances from Dr. Karadzic that he had no intention of taking Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serb army was now proceeding to do just that. The pocket was greatly reduced in size. I had rarely heard Milosevic so exasperated, but also so worried: he feared that if the Bosnian Serb troops entered Srebrenica there would be a bloodbath because of the tremendous bad blood that existed between the two armies. The Bosnian Serbs held the young Muslim commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, responsible for a massacre near Bratunac in December 1992 in which many Serb civilians had been killed. Milosevic believed it would be a great mistake for the Bosnian Serbs to take Srebrenica and promised to tell Karadzic so.”

I have given quotes from people who were on the ground and from people who know a lot about the real events of Bosnia and Srebrenica. It would be difficult to claim that Lord Owen, General Morillon, and Lewis MacKenzie, are pro-Serbian or that they are holocaust deniers.

Therefore, it is clear that “the real Srebrenica” is not being told and the same applies to the “hidden Islamic jihad” which took place during the civil war and how ex-President Bill Clinton gave the green light to Islamists from all over the world to enter Bosnia.

Yes, Srebrenica must be remembered and this applies to the thousands of innocent Christians and Muslims who were killed by both sides in and around Srebrenica. However, this Srebrenica must tell the world about the real facts and how this city had a major Bosniak Muslim army which had killed and slaughtered many innocent Christian Serbs.

Lewis MacKenzie comments that “two wrongs never made a right, but those moments in history that shame us all because of our indifference should not be viewed in isolation without the context that created them.”

With this comment in mind and with the complex nature of Srebrenica and the entire civil war; then Ratko Mladic should be seen for what Srebrenica had become and in all wars you have massacres and in Bosnia – just like in all civil wars – many innocents were killed on all sides but this does not mean that history should be re-written and that one side should be blamed for everything when the facts state differently. (THIS WEBSITE HIGHLIGHTS THE BRUTAL MURDERS OF SERBS – PLEASE ONLY ENTER ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE PHOTOS AND IMAGES ARE BRUTAL)

My earlier text (by Alfred Vierling):

The Hague, my home town, claims to be the ‘Capital of International Law’ , but which is the governmental residence of a country, though obliging its citizens each year to commemorate the victims of nazism, whose government committed horrendous war crimes within the framework of the NATO bombings on former Yougoslavia. My very university lecturer of international law Mr. Lammers defended these illegal bombings at the International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace in the Hague.It is interesting to see, that as an official international lwa adviser to the Dutch Government he orders a memorandum written by him revealing lack of international public law grounds to go along with the USA attack on Irak to be withheld from government inspection and to be ‘stored for later generations’. He explicitly rejects the idea of the dutch top-diplomate van Walsum as published in the Financial Times, that repeated and sustained violation by a state of binding security council resolutions justify implicitly violent attacks by SC members against such a state, but supports the idea that such violent action is justified by so-called ‘humanitarian intervention’, it is if states violate basic human rights regardless of their recognition of these, referring to Prof. Kooymans book on international law. Prof. Kooymans, now judge in the ICJ was the dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Srebrenica debacle, for which he is totally responsable having uphold the fancy idea of UN ‘safe havens’ protected according to the naive concept of ‘deterrence by mere(UN-)presence’.So Prof. Lammers, fidel to his international law colleague Kooymans, still clings to their belligerous attitudes against former Yougoslavia but refrains from accepting their explanation of international law regarding Bush’s war against Irak. Being an official, however, he is bound to ‘store’ his account of international law and to offer his services to ther belligerous government as ‘a loyalist attorney’ in case the government be criticized….

Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of the NATO warfare against Yougoslavia, Mr.van Aartsen, is now the Mayor of the Hague. He refused to receive Mr. Milenkovic seeking prosecution of the politicians and military involved in killing his daughter Sanja by a second NATO presumably Dutch air attack on the bridge of Varvarin, where she was about to assist victims of the first attack, both directed against citizens. In 1999 I denounced the war crimes by The Netherlands in an official procedure at the International Criminal Law Tribunal for former Yougoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague, but to no avail. NATO’s war crimes went unscreened and unjudged and will continue to take place in a world which sets aside its entire international law system when it suits the interests of its war machinery. Today NATO air strikes on Afghan citizens with the collaboration of the Dutch air force continue to commit genocide without any accountability before whatever court or tribunal. Nothing has changed since the Vietnam war, if not for the media to keep quite and turn a blind eye. The Vietnam war, the first and the last war to be broadcasted without censorship was conducive to at least some moral tribunals composed of philisophers like Mr. Russel, but now even the intelligentia collaborates withn the system. Only the ‘Dialogue Forum’ in Paris 1999, which I participated in, was active in denouncing the ICTY as a kangaroo court representing the NATO interests. The ICTY went as far as to have the Yougoslavian President Milosevic killed within its prison walls at the very moment that he would express the main part of his personally presented apologia and legal defence, nullifying any of the prefabricated NATO arguments to go to war. The ICTY even removed upon notification of the death of Mr. Milosevic his defence notules from its internet site, so only his legal assistants outside the ICTY framework and some specialists having attended in person his defense speeches at the ICTY buildings (I attended some) have a mere glance over his brilliant uncovery of the NATO war machine. Today NATO bombings are targeting civilians in Afghanisatan and Irak. What country is next? Iran ? Read the following denouncement, skip over the legally technical complicated passages and be aware of the hypocrisy of the Dutch politicians involved.
My denunciation of NATO War Crimes in Yougoslavia 1999
see this website under ‘publications’

Though the present-day International Criminal Law Court has been based on an International Treaty it cannot be considered as a world penal law forum since the United States preclude the jurisdiction of it over its citizens.
It is a winners’ court, not a really independent criminal court. The USA opposes an independent prosecutor. What is more, the Court is bound to contradict Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which presupposes a threat to international peace, not merely peace as a prerequisite for the Security Council to make use of its special powers under that chapter.
If President Clinton is supposed to be the father of The International Criminal Law Tribunal for Former Yougoslavia (ICTY), then Secretary Albright was its mother, both having stated openly that they rely on NATO governments for investigations. Though claiming independence from many national government this forum is totally dependent on national forces to arrest and bring up any suspect. The ICTY was financed mainly by the USA, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Open Society Institue of George Soros, Time-Warner and Discovery Products, both American companies. The Court claims to apply the presumption of innocence, but unlike normal criminal courts, the court itself is involved in the laying of the charges. When a charge is to be laid the approval of one of the trial judges must be obtained. That approval is only given if a prima facie case is established. That is, a case which if not answered could result in a conviction. Yet one claims presumption of innocence! The presumption is also compromised by automatic detention upon arrest and only very rare form of release pending trial. Prisoners are separated from family, friends, have to obey prison rules and are under permanent surveillance, censored mail rules, in short by whom are the suspects presumed to be innocent ?. The court is exempt of any protection against heresay evidence. Witnesses can testify anonymously or not shown in court. There are provisions for closed hearings in vaguely described circumstances, secret trials, use of sealed indictments, thast means no one knows in advance of arrest by military police in any country of what he/she is suspect of; suspects can be kept uptil 90 days without charge. Confessions are presumed to be free and volutary unless the contrary is established by the prisoner (who has been kept for 90 days by military police and prosecutors!! If you are arrested in a foreign country it sums up to exile! The choice of counselers is hampered by the possibility of severe fines for contempt and lawyers from some countries are barred on the ground there are already to many of them representing accused persons. No biased judge can be removed by the suspect. But most of all this new international criminal law forum smells like an instrument of war, thwartening subtle diplomatic peace deals by incriminalizing even (former) heads of states with whom the family of nations has been dealing , often promising exit strategies to them as a condition to their cooperation in an international peace deal. That was the case of Milosevic, that is the case of Karadzic and Mladic.
For a corroborative of this thesis, see in dutch ‘Blufpoker, de Duistere Wereld van het internationale Recht’ (The dark/sinister world of international law’ by international criminal lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops, Balans, Amsterdam 2011.

Uit Amsterdam Post 29 mei 2011:
Vandaag wederom een artikel van de onvolprezen Max op herhaling omdat het actueel is. Feiten en details over de Balkanoorlog, een genocide die er nooit was en de leugens die u in de krant las en op het Journaal zag. Ga d’r maar weer even voor zitten om dit artikel van 1 maart 2010 tot u door te laten dringen:

In een interview met De Standaard in 1995 verklaarde Karadjic: “Ik ben helemaal niet zo gek op politiek. Ik was een erg gelukkig man voor ik in de politiek kwam. Het waren mijn vrienden die mij in de politiek duwden. Voor de oorlog was ik nooit lid van een politieke organisatie. Tot een maand voor de oorlog was ik gewoon arts. Ik verdiende goed. Hoe kunnen ze mij als een oorlogsmisdadiger etiketteren? Voor welke misdaad? Voor het beschermen van mijn volk? Wat is daar fout aan?
Wanneer is het doden van gewapende soldaten in een oorlog “genocide”? Ik vocht tegen de islamitische fanatici en niet tegen de moslims volk. Jihadstrijders op de Balkan. Ik kan me niet herinneren ooit deze beelden op de Nederlandse tv te hebben gezien.”

Opzettelijk beschrijven de grote mediaconcerns de gebeurtenissen in Srebrenica als ‘de ernstigste gruweldaden in Europa sinds de Tweede Wereldoorlog of sinds de Holocaust, soms als de ergste massamoord op burgers etc.
Doelbewust halen zij de Holocaust en nazi’s tevoorschijn om Srebrenica te verbinden met genocide, Serven met nazi’s, en moslims als onschuldige slachtoffers.
De internationale pers maakte de strijd om Srebrenica klinken als Stalingrad. In de pers worden ‘oorlogsgraven’ als ‘massagraven’ aangeduid.

Op 11 juli 2005 heeft de ‘Srebrenica Research Group’ op een persconferentie in het gebouw van de Verenigde Naties in New York een tweehonderd pagina’s tellend rapport gepresenteerd, met als titel:
Het rapport veegt de vloer aan met de officiële versie over de gebeurtenissen in en rond de enclave in 1995. Het komt met onweerlegbare bewijzen dat zowel de omvang van het aantal slachtoffers als de versie die door regeringen en de media worden gegeven, berusten op misleidende manipulatie. Hierdoor wordt een totaal verwrongen beeld van de gebeurtenissen gegeven.
Het rapport werd op de persconferentie gepresenteerd door enkele hoge VN-functionarissen. Phillip Corwin, hoofddeskundige van de ‘VN-Coördinatie voor Civiele Zaken’ en Carlos Martino Branco, beiden waren destijds in Bosnië aanwezig.
Geen mondelinge of schriftelijke bestellingen van genocide of massamoord uit te voeren door het Servische leger tegen de Bosniërs ooit geproduceerd in de rechtbank.

Naser Oric, een monster, oorlogsmisdadiger en de moordenaar van Srebrenica.
Tussen 1992 en 1995 werden tussen 1300 en 2000 burgers geliquideerd rond Srebrenica door islamitische troepen in Srebrenica, en dit was de voorloper van de beruchte juli 1995 Servische offensief tegen die stad.
Op kerstochtend, 7 januari 1993, vielen 3.000 islamitische strijders onder leiding van ‘Het Beest’ Naser Oric het dorp Kravica aan en doodden 114 mensen waaronder ook kinderen, vrouwen en ouderen. Niemand wordt gespaard. Ook honden en katten werden doodgeschoten terwijl alle huizen in het dorp, 700 in getal, werden geplunderd en in brand gestoken.

Grafzerken op de orthodoxe begraafplaats werden vernield en ontheiligd, en zelfs de organen van de overledenen werden niet gespaard van plunderingen en ontheiliging. Zelfs dit was niet genoeg voor Oric en zijn moordenaars: Op 16 januari 1993 vielen ze de dorpen Cosici, Kostolomci en Kusici aan.
Op die dag werden in totaal 48 personen gedood. Oric en zijn eenheden slachtten 87 personen af met behulp van messen, hooivorken, stompe voorwerpen, door kruisiging, castratie, in brand steken en marteling.

Mirsad Sulejmanovic (moslim) “Skejo” herinnert zich dat na de aanval op het dorp Kravica, de soldaten van Naser vijf of zes Serviërs in het dorp Kajici gevangen namen en ze hun keel doorsneden. Naser Oric over de moord op de rechter van Srebrenica, Slobodan Ilic: “Ik klom op zijn borst. Hij had een baard en was harig als een dier. Hij keek me aan zonder een woord te zeggen. Ik pakte de bajonet en stak het meteen in een oog en dan draaide ik het heen en weer. Hij maakte geen enkel geluid.
Daarna stak ik het mes in het andere oog … ik kon het niet geloven dat hij niet reageerde.
Eerlijk gezegd werd ik toen voor de eerste keer bang; dus sneed zijn keel direct door.”

In zijn boek “Srebrenica was a “Planned Chaos” beschrijft Ibran Mustafic:

“”When we took that group captured in Zalazje from [Srebrenica] prison to take them back toward Zalazje, and when the slaying begun, Slobodan Ilic came into my hands. I climbed on his chest. He was bearded and hairy like an animal. He looked at me without saying a word. I took out the bayonet and jabbed it straight into one eye, and then turned it back and forth. He didn’t let the single sound out. Then I hit him with the knife in the other eye… I couldn’t believe he’s not reacting. Frankly, that’s when I got scared for the first time, so I cut his throat right after that”, Oric described his ‘feat’ to Mustafic word-for-word during one evening Mustafic visited him.

Oric’s admission is followed by the testimony of Mustafic’s uncle Ibrahim, who witnessed the same slaughter.

“Naser came over and told me to get ready at once and go with the flag in front of Srebrenica prison. I dressed up and went over. When I came in front of the prison, they took out all those captured in Zalazje and ordered me to drive them towards Zalazje. When we reached the depot, they ordered me to stop and park the truck. I moved to a safe distance. But, when I saw their savagery and when the slaying begun, I felt all the blood drain from my head. When Zulfo (Tursunovic) ripped the knife down the chest of the nurse Rada, while asking her where is her radio-station, I couldn’t watch any longer. I came back to Srebrenica on foot from the depot, and they drove the truck over afterwards, which I took from Srebrenica to go home to Potocare. The inside was all bloodied up”, Mustafic cites the testimony of his uncle.

The above mentioned medical nurse Rada Milanovic stayed in Srebrenica even after her family moved away. Srebrenica territorial defense headquarters assigned her to medical field group and to a local hospital.
“The Whole Bridge was Floating in Serbian Blood”

Mustafic also recounted other crimes against the Serbs from the town of Srebrenica which were more or less well known. He mentioned that, after the assault against the village Jezestica “Kemo from Pale [near Sarajevo] was carrying a severed head around with him, scaring people”.

The murder of the Stjepanovic family is also described. Stjepanovic family members were taken out of their apartment in the Srebrenica Battalion Street by Oric’s butchers in July 1992, and taken to nearby Potocare.

“Andjelija Stjepanovic (74) and her son Mihajlo (50) were among those brutally slain then. One Bosnian Muslim from Potocari described afterwards how the whole bridge where these poor people were slaughtered was literally swimming in blood. The killer of Stjepanovic family is Kemo Mehmedovic from Pale, Naser’s loyal follower in atrocities. The executioner today lives in Austria, and there are tons of similar examples from Srebrenica. It is a shame that not one of these monsters in the human form have faced responsibility for their crimes, and their main organizer and the one who ordered them to kill, Naser Oric, is today parading in freedom,” commented one of a handful of Bosnian Serb civilians who survived the hell of Srebrenica imprisonment.”[1]

Volgens de Internationale Commissie voor Vermiste Personen, een totaal van 2.070 mensen zijn aangewezen als Srebrenica slachtoffers.
De lijken die men heeft gevonden zijn lijken van beide kanten (van Serviers ook: tot 300) die tijdens de strijd zijn gesneuveld maar een deel van die mensen stierf een natuurlijke dood voor en na de val van Srebrenica en een deel van moslimoorlogsmisdadigers werd geexecuteerd ( 442 in aantal en niet 8000!).

Moordenaars van de Servische kinderen, vrouwen, oude mensen zijn nooit slachtoffers!!!! Servische soldaten, de meesten afkomstig uit de streek zelf, hadden bij hun inval in juli lijsten bij zich met honderden namen van moslims die van oorlogsmisdaden werden verdacht. Arrestaties van moslimmannen hadden in elk geval voor een deel een selectief karakter.

‘De Serviërs kenden de mannen’, volgens een Nederlandse chauffeur. ‘Ze hadden hele lijsten bij zich en foto’s. Ze werden er zo uitgepikt. Nu wordt het verteld alsof de inval zonder enige reden is gedaan en alleen maar om onschuldige burgers te vermoorden.
Op het monument in Potocari (Srebrenica) zie je de namen van meer dan 8.000 moslimmannen.
De lijst omvat niet alleen mannen uit Srebrenica maar uit zeven of acht andere dorpen en gemeenschappen in de regio.
De lijsten van de van juli 1995 bevat ook een groot aantal personen (914) ingeschreven in de stemlijsten in de gemeente van Srebrenica voor de volgende verkiezingen in 1996. De stemlijsten zelf werden goedgekeurd en gecontroleerd door de Organisatie voor Veiligheid en Samenwerking in Europa.
3.000 soldaten die overleefden (nu slachtoffers) werd ook bevestigd door de islamitische Gen Enver Hadzihasanovic, die getuigde in Den Haag.

Volgens (moslim Bosnische) Nesib Buric, een voormalig lid van de 28e Divisie verdediging van Srebrenica: “Niemand kan ontkennen dat er in de gemeente Srebrenica 2000 strijders begraven liggen.”
Nicholas Burns van het State Department verklaarde dat 800 Srebrenica-gevangenen in kampen in Servië waren vastgehouden en dat de VS er 214 als vluchteling asiel zou geven.
Er zijn vele mensen die in het buitenland wonen en, zoals door verschillende andere organisaties vastgesteld, als vermist zijn opgegeven.
Er zijn andere massagraven ontdekt met de lichamen van mensen die zijn omgekomen bij incidenten die niets met Srebrenica te maken hadden.

Waar zijn dan nog de duizenden ontbrekende moslimse soldaten na 15 jaar?

Waarom is forensisch bewijsmateriaal gebonden aan “Bloedbad van Srebrenica” beschuldigingen? BEWAARD GEHEIM?!
Dr Ljubisa Simic, patholoog en forensisch deskundige, die de volledige toegang had tot forensisch bewijsmateriaal bij de Haagse Openbaar Ministerie met betrekking tot de vermeende “massamoord in Srebrenica”, vond de wetenschappelijke bewijzen van de Srebrenica een hoax: het totale aantal slachtoffers, het aantal slachtoffers van de uitgevoerde, het tijdstip van overlijden en de oorzaken van de dood vertellen een verhaal dat volledig anders is dan de officiële mythe.[2]
Het wordt hoog tijd dat vermoedelijke massagraven door een onpartijdige instantie worden onderzocht.

Er is bewijs dat het Bosnische leiderschap onder president Alija Izetbegovic, wilde dat Srebrenica
in Servische handen zou vallen om tot een politieke overwinning te komen.
Zeker, de beschuldigingen van bloedbaden en genocide na de val van Srebrenica hebben enorm geholpen in hun zaak. Het werd ook bevestigd door niemand minder dan Hakija Meholjic (Bosnisch moslim), hoofd van de politie in Srebrenica:”Onze delegatie was samengesteld
uit negen mensen, al de anderen van de delegatie leven en kunnen dit bevestigen.”
Dus, Miholjic staat niet alleen met dit verhaal. Volgens (Bosnische moslim) Nesib Buric, een voormalig lid van de 28e Divisie verdediging van Srebrenica, werden ze overgelaten om te worden afgeslacht:
“U kunt schrijven dat ik de verklaring van Hakija Meholjic dat we verraden zijn absoluut steun”, zegt Nesin Buric..

Lafaard en en monster Naser Oric was vertrokken uit het Srebrenica gebied voordat de Servische soldaten de stad bezetten.
Waarom ontbrak ook de top 18 leiders van de Bosnische eenheid? toont op
nog een interview: Op 22 juni 1998 verklaarde Hakija Meholjic dat de Bosnische Moslim Republiek al in 1993 geen waarde hechtte aan Srebrenica, dat er met Clinton een moslim inval was besproken met massale executies om zodonede een casus belli met de Bosnisch Servische Republiek te verkrijgen en dat er ook, subsidiair van enclaveruil sprake was geweest.

En nog een late reactie op

Even kort samenvatten…Mladic… Srebrenica… Genocide
MAX MICHA – 06 JUNI 2011

Is deze term genocide alleen maar van toepassing omdat niemand exact weet wat er gebeurd is, of om de waarheid te verdoezelen? Het ging hier tenslotte om een oorlog tussen moordende moslims en moordende christenen. Is er wel sprake geweest van een etnische zuivering? Waren de etnische zuivering en de genocide niet het ideale excuus om te komen tot een machtsvertoon van de alliantie? Hoe hadden we het genoemd als de VN en de NAVO er niet actief waren geweest, of niet gefaald hadden?

Waren er wel 8000 slachtoffers, en waren het burgerslachtoffers of waren het moslimstrijders en huurlingen van Al Qaida? Veel vragen zijn niet beantwoord en veel onduidelijkheden zijn nooit opgehelderd. Zal het altijd bij geruchten blijven die niet bevestigd worden? Dit hebben we allemaal te danken aan de vieze politieke machtsspelletjes die toen zijn gespeeld.

Met een term als genocide moet je voorzichtig omgaan. Dit roept altijd verschrikkelijke beelden op die hartverscheurend kunnen zijn voor een bepaalde groep mensen. Een van de vreselijkste voorbeelden uit onze geschiedenis is wel de Holocaust. Hier kunnen we zeker van zijn dat de term genocide op zijn plaats is. Het ging hier tenslotte om het systematisch uitroeien van een etnische groepering. In het geval van de Armeense genocide (kwestie) ging het om het uitroeien van de Armeniërs ten tijde van het Ottomaanse rijk (1915). Wat betreft de Servische kwestie denk ik dat we pas over een paar jaar misschien de term genocide mogen gebruiken, omdat nog steeds niet alle feiten op tafel liggen. Hetzelfde geldt voor de genocide in Kroatië. Ook hier was sprake van een etnische zuivering, maar hier wordt weinig over gepubliceerd door de officiële kanalen.

Het mag dan wel zo wezen dat Mladic bij voorbaat al schuldig is bevonden door de westerse media en politici, maar in mijn ogen is iemand onschuldig zolang het tegendeel nog niet is bewezen. Tenminste, zo zou het westerse rechtssysteem toch moeten werken? Maar valt het tegendeel hier wel te bewijzen? Ook hier heeft de propagandamachine zijn werk goed gedaan. Het massagraf is inmiddels gevonden, maar de massamoord is nog steeds niet bewezen. Het systematisch uitroeien van moslims is natuurlijk moeilijk aan te tonen omdat moslims en christenen hier met elkaar in oorlog waren. Dan is de kans wel heel groot dat er moslims of christenen in groten getale sneuvelen. De reeds 3 jaar durende moslimterreur ( jihad ) jegens de christenen is hiervan de oorzaak geweest. Een simpel geval van actie en reactie. Grote vraag voorlopig blijft of de Serven, die als 2de rangs burgers, samen met de Roma’s, uit Kroatië werden geschopt door de regering van Tudjman gezien kunnen worden als de agressors of waren ze slachtoffers?

Tevens hadden veel andere partijen belangen in deze oorlog, waaronder Amerika en Duitsland. Niemand liever dan deze twee machten wou dat Joegoslavië uit mekaar zou vallen en ze waren bereid hiervoor heel ver te gaan. Amerika gebruikte zijn connecties met Afghanistan en Iran om zo aan huurlingen te komen die de fundamentalistische Bosniërs zouden bijstaan. Uiteraard werd dit alles ontkend door Amerika. Wat betreft de connectie met Duitsland is deze redelijk aantoonbaar en verklaarbaar. Bosnië was namelijk pro-nazi gedurende de 2de wereldoorlog en had zelfs een Moslim–Nazi leger, de Bosnische SS-Brigade Handschar. Ook heeft Duitsland na de 2de wereldoorlog altijd een sterke economische invloed gehad in het voormalige Joegoslavië.

Veel Duitse bedrijven waren gevestigd in het voormalige Joegoslavië en Duitsland verzekerde zichzelf van een sterke economische positie in dit land. Een economische en strategische positie waar Amerika jaloers op was. Het ging Duitsland voornamelijk om de economische positie die Kroatië had. Kroatië werd naar onafhankelijk gedreven door de toenemende economische druk van Duitsland en de hoge schulden van Joegoslavië. Hierdoor zou het uiteindelijke doel bereikt worden, het uiteenspatten van Joegoslavië. Ondertussen leverde Duitsland al wapens aan Kroatië, via Italië, Hongarije en Tsjechië. Dit al maanden voordat de echte gevechten plaatsvonden.

Voor Amerika zat het gewin in het einde van Joegoslavië. Op die manier zou Amerika een veel grotere druk kunnen uitoefenen op het verdeelde Joegoslavië en een stap dichter bij het Midden-Oosten. Er moest dus een politieke situatie gecreëerd worden waarin de Serven werden gediscrimineerd en hun constitutionele rechten werden geschonden in Kroatië. Daarbovenop de economische sancties en druk van Duitsland en de opsplitsing van Joegoslavië zou kunnen beginnen. Er volgden al snel berichtgevingen van liquidaties van Serviërs in Vukovar wiens namen werden gepubliceerd op dodenlijsten in Kroatische kranten.

Dat Ratko Mladic is opgepakt roept veel vragen op bij de bevolking in Servië, maar ook bij de kritische Nederlanders. De meeste Nederlanders hebben hun mening gebaseerd op wat ons is voorgeschoteld door de (linkse) media. Misschien wel een vertekend beeld? Partijdig? Aan de ene kant horen we dat Mladic is uitgeleverd vanwege de genocide in ‘95, aan de andere kant horen we dat er dealtjes zijn gesloten om toetreding van Servië tot de EU te bevorderen. Wat moeten wij nu geloven? Welk motief van Servië weegt het zwaarst. Moeten wij onze politiek geloven of moeten we onze linkse media geloven? Is het eerst opsplitsen van Joegoslavië en het daarna weer verzamelen onder de EU vlag de oplossing? Voor wie dan?

Moeten wij zomaar klakkeloos aannemen dat Mladic een moordenaar is die 8000 moslimmannen heeft gedood? Weten wij wat daar aan vooraf is gegaan en wat hem ertoe bewogen heeft deze beslissing te nemen? Als we al kunnen aantonen dat deze opdracht van hem is gekomen, maar daar hebben we het tribunaal in Den Haag voor om dat te gaan bewijzen. Voor de Serven is het wel duidelijk, in hun ogen is Mladic een volksheld die na vele jaren van verdrukking, moord en terreur door moslims op (orthodoxe) christenen, eindelijk terugvecht. Misschien niet vecht op de manier die vastgelegd is in het Verdrag van Genève, maar op een manier die terroristische moslims in Servië een lesje heeft geleerd. Is dit per definitie fout, bekeken vanuit het standpunt van de Servische christenen?

De aanwezigheid van derde roulatie Dutchbat en Karremans was natuurlijk een lachertje in verhouding tot de geoliede oorlogsmachine van Mladic. Mladic, zijnde een generaal en krijgsheer en Karremans een kolonel die een mandaatje had van de VN en de opdracht van Nederland om vredesduifje te spelen. Als Karremans had gedaan wat een soldaat werd geacht te doen, had Mladic hoogstwaarschijnlijk het hele Nederlandse Dutchbat bataljon uit Potocari weggeveegd. De enige opdracht die Karremans had was het beschermen van de burgers in die regio. Daar waren het tenslotte ook soldaten voor, alleen de Nederlandse regering en Karremans zagen dit toch anders. De constante aanvallen van moslims vanuit de enclave op de Servische bevolking werd niet tegengehouden door het VN-bataljon. Vele honderden onschuldige Servische vrouwen en kinderen en bejaarden werden vermoord, verkracht en tegen deuren van hun huis gespijkerd. Iedereen, tot onze koningin toe, werd gewaarschuwd over de onhoudbare positie van Dutchbat. En er werd geen actie ondernomen. Dit zegt natuurlijk grotendeels iets over de elitaire leiding van de Verenigde Naties, maar ook over de mentaliteit van het Nederlandse leger, aangezien Nordbat, het bataljon der Scandinaviërs, wèl terugschoot op de Bosnische Serviërs.

Het hele geval Srebrenica en Servië is zo uit zijn verband gerukt door de manipulerende media die samen met de westerse politiek als enige doel had de publieke opinie te beïnvloeden. Als voorbeeld zagen we hiervan het doorgangskamp Trnopolje wat werd vergeleken door de media als een nazi-kamp. Iedereen zou en moest geloven dat de Serven fout waren. Het is tot nu toe nog nooit bewezen dat de zogenaamde 8000 moslimslachtoffers allemaal op eenzelfde tijdstip zijn overleden. Zou het niet zo kunnen zijn dat dit massagraf is gebruikt voor het begraven van de slachtoffers van de tegenstander in een veel langere periode van oorlog dan die bewuste dagen, bijvoorbeeld de jarenlang durende oorlog? Soldaten van Dutchbat hebben verklaard dat er niet meer dan 700 Bosnische moslimsoldaten aanwezig waren in de enclave. ( RTL4, soldaat Harry- Barend en van Dorp). Ook waren er veel ongeüniformeerde strijders die ook nog burgers aanvielen, deze vallen binnen het Verdrag van Genève niet aan te merken als krijgsgevangenen.

Als we ervan uitgaan dat Mladic de opdracht heeft gegeven deze moslimmannen te fusilleren is hun dood, weliswaar niet terecht, maar veel humaner geweest dan de manier waarop zijn tegenstanders de christenbevolking om het leven hebben gebracht. Deze sloegen de christenen dood met ijzeren staven en sneden hun hoofden eraf, of spijkerden de lichamen van hun slachtoffers als trofeeën aan de deuren. De uitspraak van het pro-moslimtribunaal laat zien dat deze niemendalletjes met 2 jaar gevangenisstraf word afgedaan. Oric is als het ware de echte held!

Los van het feit dat ook deze oorlog gruwelijk was, wordt wederom weer aangetoond dat het hierbij is gegaan om een poging tot het tegenhouden van moslims die de overhand willen krijgen en het verijdelen van het stichten van een islamitische staat. Het Bosnische moslimleger van krijgsheer Naser Oric vocht samen met de Mujahedin, die ten tijde van hun 3 jarige terreurbewind ca. 1300 Servische christenen afgeslacht hebben. Oric vergeleek zijn strijd met die van de Palestijnen tegen Israël, maar over die vergelijking die toen werd getrokken door Oric horen we jammer genoeg bijna niemand. Het is wederom de Europese pro-moslim politiek die hierover zwijgt. Politieke correctheid is hier op zijn plaats in hun beleving. Zolang je de exacte feiten en bewijzen niet weet of hebt, waag je dan niet aan gevaarlijke uitspraken.

Het hele Srebrenicaverhaal is misschien wel van te voren al gepland als we het verhaal van de toenmalige Amerikaanse onderminister voor de Balkan, Richard Holbrooke mogen geloven. Srebrenica was nodig om de Amerikanen een reden te geven om mee te vechten en het uiteindelijke doel te realiseren, een verdeeld Joegoslavië. Amerika wist dat het niet goed voorbereide Nederlandse leger het Canadese zou opvolgen. Amerika wist ook dat Nederland netjes zou doen wat gevraagd werd. Bosnië kreeg de volledige steun van de VS en Duitsland, dat wapens leverde aan Kroatië, Bosnië en Herzegovina en Kosovo, ondanks het wapenembargo. Zowat de gehele islamitische wereld stond achter het voornamelijk Islamitische Bosnië, inclusief Bin Laden, en spande samen tegen de Serven. Het was vanaf het begin al duidelijk wie de schuld zou gaan krijgen van deze oorlog. Door de illegale en gewelddadige afscheiding van Kroatië en met uitvaardigen van een nieuwe grondwet werd er geen rekening gehouden met de Servische minderheden in Kroatië. Milosovic was tegen de afscheiding van Kroatië en Slovenië en probeerde Joegoslavië bij mekaar te houden. Met als gevolg tienduizenden doden.

Politici en politieke partijen schrijven op hun websites een kreet van opluchting. Eindelijk, de beul van de Balkan is gevangen. Maar waarom meteen veroordelen? Waarom mag een politieke partij zijn mening niet geven, zonder deze te moeten afvlakken tot het algemene beeld wat ons door de media is voorgehouden? Waarom mag er niet gesproken worden over de genocide in Kroatië, waar de hele oorlog mee begonnen is? Is het dan misschien populistisch om als politieke partij een weloverwogen mening te vormen over dit onderwerp? Is het populistisch als we stelling innemen en daar niet van afwijken zolang er geen ander bewijsmateriaal wordt geleverd? Waarom wordt er nooit gepraat over alle christenen die zijn vermoord door de Bosnisch Moslims?

Het zit de autochtone Nederlanders zo dwars dat we niet mogen zeggen of schrijven wat we voelen en denken, maar we worden zo beperkt in onze mening door de wet, en de linkse indoctrinatie dat het nooit tot een oplossing zal komen voordat de situatie niet meer handelbaar is. We worden voorgelogen en belazerd waar we bijstaan. We zijn zo kwaad op onze hedendaagse politiek, die niet wil afstappen van de zogenaamde “politiek correctheid” maar hierdoor een paradijs creëert voor de allochtoon, en een hel voor de autochtoon. Zal genocide niet altijd een onderdeel zijn van de geschiedenis van de mens, zolang het ene volk het andere onderdrukt, of zich onderdrukt voelt? Wanneer zijn wij aan de beurt? Wanneer zal er in de toekomst worden geschreven over de Genocide in Nederland?

Max Micha


and what does Mladic himself say: under the video you ll find the entire text of the interview :

Below is the full transcript of the interview that Ratko Mladic gave in 1995, revealing his side of the Srebrenica story.
CNN: In the long history of the Serbs, how would you describe the current crisis caused by this huge number of refugees from the Republic of Srpska Krajina?
RM: Have we started our interview?
CNN: Please start for the conference.
RM: All right. The Serbian people have lived in the territories they have now been driven out from for centuries. Very old monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church are situated in the territory of the Republic of Srpska Krajina. Some of them are more than a thousand years old. The Serbian people are the oldest people who have settled here and have inhabited these places. There’s appropriate historical and scientific evidence of that. The exodus of the Serbian people from their centuries-old hearths may be one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the Serbian people in general. Perhaps, it can even be measured to the tragedy of 1915 when the Serbian army had to leave Serbia during World War I. But thanks to assistance from allied armies after four years of bloody war the Serbian army returned to its hearths. This tragedy is even more tragic because unfortunately it’s happening in the end of the 20th century. Sadly, but it’s not happening in front of the eyes of the world community or international public: we have been isolated and demonized because of the blockade and couldn’t tell the world about our tragedy and our suffering in this war and the huge exodus of the Serbian people. We don’t want sympathy; we just want the world to see the truth.
CNN: Why were the general’s forces not able to go to the aid of the Krajina Serbs and prevent their tragedy?
RM: We gave them as much help as we objectively could at that moment. I will be quite open to say that Croatia and its armed units have been present in the former Bosnia & Herzegovina ever since the war broke out there. The arms embargo wasn’t observed. On the contrary, some countries of the world community did everything to arm the Croat-Muslim forces; separate countries sent highly-qualified experts to train their army and helped them plan and carry out their military operations. Unfortunately, the bad image of the Serbs and the Serbian people in general created by some media outlets has led to an unequal and biased approach to the sides in the conflict by part of the world community who took the side of the Croats and Muslims, who actually started this bloody war in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. A UN resolution was grossly violated in the eyes of the world community and international public and a country which was the co-founder of the League of Nations and one of the founders of the United Nations was destroyed without any reason.
CNN: How likely is it that the Krajina will ever be retaken? What plans does he (Mladic) have to get the Krajina back?
RM: I will not only allow myself to give an exhaustive answer to this first question but will also answer the next one.
The center of power which stands behind the entire crisis in the former Yugoslavia and continues its disintegration has demonized the Serbian people and has encouraged the forces who withdrew from the former Yugoslavia by means of violent secession; until today these forces have been given all kind of support, unfortunately, not only in the media. They have been supported politically, diplomatically, economically and, sadly, militarily. I don’t have to tell you that not only threats and ultimatums but also rude force was used against us, unfortunately, not only by NATO but also, and that is particularly painful, by countries who were Serbia’s traditional allies when cataclysms happened in the world during WWI and WWII.
As for your second question, we, the Serbs, will never abandon our land because our land is our most sacred thing. This land is irrigated with Serbian blood. The Serbian people in the Republic of Srpska Krajina survived the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires and didn’t leave their hearths. It means that those empires who are historically described as ruthless didn’t evict the Serbian people from their land unlike the contemporary fascist armada of the Ustasa of President Franje Tujman and his sponsors and regrettably by some countries of the world community who had played a dirty role in all those events.
CNN: Let’s talk about the strength of the Croatian army. How is he planning to return the Krajina? What is his plan?
RM: The Croatian army has never presented and will never present any serious military force without the support of its sponsors and some countries of the German bloc with Germany at the helm. Only with the help of international mafia and criminals did they manage to arm themselves with huge amounts of weapons and ammunition from the depots of the former Soviet army left over in the territories of East Germany and the Warsaw Pact countries. I wish if I could from your TV screen warn the world community that those forces have embarked on a very dangerous path because I am absolutely confident that not a single people involved in fighting in this territory actually needs weapons and ammunition. I am sure that I am sharing the opinion of all the warring parties, which is that in this territory we shouldn’t fight for foreign interests and the interests of world centers of power. Sober-minded people should be sent to these territories, people who can contribute to establishing peace, can end the war, return us to a normal life and rebuild the destroyed villages and towns because the Balkans is a strategically vital area for Europe and the whole world, and even a war breeze, let alone a hurricane, poses a threat not only to the peoples who inhabit the Balkans but to the whole world, the centuries-old history of this planet and particularly the history of the peoples who lived and are still living in the Balkans.
CNN: Does it mean he will try to take it militarily? Are plans under way already to retake the Krajina?
RM: If any plans were in question, then it would have been impossible for us to seize what’s ours; we could have only liberated that land. We are meeting for the first time and prior to that I didn’t even know that you exist as a human being on this planet. This is my shortcoming. But I would like you to inquire whether the Serbian people or I, as the Chief of Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska, have a single soldier or a single piece of military hardware in the territory of any other country or any foreign people. I would answer you, “No, we don’t!” because my people have never been occupiers. The Serbs have never, including in this recent war, conquered or occupied other people’s territories. The Serbian people didn’t declare or start that war. On the contrary, the Croat-Muslim coalition declared a war on the Serbian people in 1991 and 1992. Several weeks ago we announced a military situation to defend ourselves from the Croat-Muslim forces and their world sponsors who had brought paid murderers from Iran and some Western countries to this territory. Let me tell you just one more thing to inform you. I once said that all weapons, except submarine and nuclear arms, produced in the world had been tested on our people until recently. I don’t know whether you as a CNN journalist will dare to publish what I am going to say now but if I were you I would have done that in the interests of peace. I personally witnessed how F-16 aircraft and other planes were dropping bombs on us. What hurt us most at that time was not so much that our children were dying under those bombs but the unreasonable decision of the successors of the those ancestors from America who fought shoulder to shoulder with our fathers and grandfathers in the First and Second World Wars against the common evil. Then, the ancestors of those whom they are now supporting sat in trenches from the opposite side and fought together with Austro-Hungarian hordes and Hitler. Unfortunately, this is one of the delusions of the world and also one of the tragic truths of this hard and gloomy war in which many parties are involved.
CNN: In the midst of that terrible refugee crisis and everything that happened to the Krajina Serbs in the past week, at the same time there’s a lot of talk coming out of Washington about Srebrenica and what happened there? Surveillance photos allegedly show mass graves of Muslim men? Thousands of Muslim men are missing by all accounts. Are there mass graves outside Srebrenica? What happened to the thousands of Muslim men and boys who are missing?
RM: I can tell you that in April-May 1993 an agreement on Srebrenica was signed. It clearly defined it as a safe demilitarized area where no armed military could be present except for the UN soldiers. We in Republika Srpska cooperated with the UN soldiers and rendered assistance to the civilian Muslim population which peacefully stayed in Srebrenica, Zepa, Gorazde, Sarajevo and Bihac for three years. But instead of disarming the Muslim formations, as they had committed themselves to doing under the agreement on Srebrenica signed by me and General Morillon, the United Nations forces turned those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases from where our villages and towns were attacked. Muslims from Srebrenica and Zepa burnt down more than 200 Serbian villages around those two places and massively killed and massacred all the Serb civilian population in many other villages. Through our contacts with the other side and particularly with UNPROFOR commanders and appropriate international institutions held at the level of the government, president and the Chief of Staff of the army of Republika Srpska, we warned that the Muslim formations should be disarmed and that the entire safe area should be completely demilitarized which was not done.
CNN: What happened to the Muslim men and boys who are missing?
RM: Let me give you a broader explanation. I appreciate your journalistic curiosity but I would like you to listen to the entire genesis behind this matter so that you could have a clear picture because outright questions and short and fragmentary answers can create a wrong picture in the media, especially on television. They can be abused and misused, which has been done many times in this war to our disadvantage. Starting from 1993 we haven’t taken a single action against Srebrenica or Zepa despite watching how the Mulsim side was being armed. Sometimes they even used helicopters to airlift weapons and other combat hardware from Iran. We shot down one such helicopter on the outskirts of Zepa two or three months ago. What happened in Srebrenica and Zepa would never have happened if the Muslims hadn’t launched an attack from Srebrenica and Zepa which was part of their offensive to liberate and lift the siege of Sarajevo. The Muslims attacked the enclave of Sarajevo, also a safe area, though it was not defined as such by any kind of agreements of the two parties. The Muslim attack was carried out exactly from the exclusion zone on Mounts Igman and Bjelasnica from which Republika Srpska had pulled out its forces in 1993 and which had been in confidence handed over to peacekeeping forces with the intention to prevent the presence of both our and Muslim forces. But the Muslim forces used that situation to their advantage. The world media, including your respected channel, followed the Muslim offensive in and against Sarajevo and as far as I know you didn’t take an active stance or condemn that Muslim offensive launched from the exclusion zone to the safe area of Sarajevo.
CNN: With respect to the general, though, why can’t he answer the question about Srebrenica? With respect to the general but the world wants to know why these mass graves exist, if there are surveillance photos, and what happened to the Muslim men and boys?
RM: Yes, of course. With even greater respect to him I would ask him to be a little bit patient and listen to what I am going to tell him because I am going to tell the truth about how exactly all that happened; even science cannot refute these facts because what I am saying and what I am going to tell you was recorded on camera. So one day you and the whole world are going to be rightly informed.
In the midst of the biggest and heaviest fighting near Sarajevo, the Muslims of Srebrenica and Zepa launched large-scale terrorist attacks from Srebrenica and Zepa on June 26 and 27 on the eve of the Serbian holiday of Vidovdan. They set the village of Visnjica on fire…
(pause) …The cameraman had to change the track.
RM: …the media has unlimited power, great power and it’s good if they learn more about these events.
As far as I can see this cameraman is very patient and charming.
CNN2: We can talk to the general the whole day if he gives us the time.
I am not going to have the time to talk to you the whole day but I hope that one day we will have an opportunity to talk under different circumstances in happier and more peaceful times. If the equipment is ready and if I give a command, we can go on. I think that I’ve stopped at Visnjica.
(the end of pause – the track is changed)
RM: They massacred everybody they captured alive and killed several of our soldiers in the villages of Visnjica and Banja Luka. We retaliated with a counteroffensive in that area. We took maximum precautions to avoid casualties among civilians and representatives of the UNPROFOR, given the fact that NATO aviation was pounding air strikes at us, including civilian targets on the outskirts of Srebrenica and Zepa. We successfully finished that operation near Srebrenica and Zepa. With the help of the soldiers of the Dutch battalion, the representatives of the world community who were present in Srebrenica, and representatives of the UNPROFOR forces who were present in Zepa, and thanks to the personal engagement of General Smith and General Nikolai and my own engagement, we created an opportunity for all the civilian population to arrive in Srebrenica-Potocar and checkpoint No2 in Vocanica in Zepa, without being forced as it was stipulated by the agreement. At their request, the civilians could be evacuated to any other place they wanted to. We evacuated them to the Kladnja region. We registered all persons fit for war who had gathered there, the civilian population and those who had surrendered their arms. We immediately asked the International Red Cross and UNPROFOR to mediate their exchange for our (Serb) civilians whom the Muslims had been holding hostage since 1992, even before the war broke out, and a huge number of civilians from the Muslim-controlled territories near Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar and Zagreb whom they had rounded up during the war, and also Serbian soldiers and officers who were driven into captivity during the war. Unfortunately, they didn’t give a positive answer to our gesture of goodwill, and we expect the world community to exert pressure on them and make them carry out the swap along the principle of “person per person” or “all for all” in accordance with an agreement reached by state commissions. Part of the male population from Srebrenica who had committed atrocities onr the Serbs fought their way to Tuzla, Kladnja and some even towards Serbia that day, evidently for fear of revenge for the atrocities that they had committed. They were apparently convinced that the Muslim forces from Tuzla who had launched a counter-attack from the opposite direction would save them: they must have thought that they were strong enough to open the way to Tuzla. Fierce battles were waged there and both sides suffered severe losses. Part of the Muslim forces fought their way to Tuzla as was emphasized by their television. Their commandant Rasim Delic said that very soon he would reform the 28th or the 38th division from Srebrenica. Just think, an entire division formed in a safe area.
I understand that as a journalist you should show interest in this matter on behalf of the United States and the American public. But I cannot understand why neither the United States nor American journalists are posing a question how it became possible that an Islamist fundamentalist division armed with weapons from Iran could be formed in a safe area which the world community had been protecting by its forces to guarantee no military presence there. I’ve recently asked one of your colleagues named Peter from CNN what America will do if it discovers at least one terrorist on its soil? He replied that they would try to catch him. To my question what if he puts up resistance… …By the way, what did you do with the person who fired blank cartridges at the White House? Did you take him to court? What happened to that person, Sir?
CNN: We put him in jail and I imagine he will be in jail for a very long time.

RM: No, it’s not true. He was killed in the street in front of TV cameras. You are asking about a division of terrorists from Srebrenica while I am interested in just one terrorist who staged that silly action and fired shots in the vicinity of the White House. Your country is big, and you are a big television station. The whole world listens to you. You raise serious questions, and I am urging you to tell people the truth. What would you do if a division of ten or twelve thousand people armed with weapons from Iran were being formed in Los Angeles or any small town in the United States? Would you come to interview me or would you stay in Los Angeles?

CNN: The world wants to know what happened in Srebrenica. Can he simply tell us? Is he saying that the Muslims who disappeared were fighting the Serbs and were killed in a combat? Are they being held as prisoners or have they been released in an exchange of some kind?

RM: I think that most of them fought their way into a Muslim-controlled territory, which Rasim Delic eventually told the Muslim parliament and said that he would form a division in Srebrenica in no time. One small part of them surrendered. They who surrendered were handed over or will be handed over to the International Red Cross under our control. Some of them certainly died. Both their and our people died. You can ask representatives of international organizations who were present in Zepa about that. We buried their dead in Muslim graves in that territory. We…

CNN: Do you mean there were no executions and there are no mass graves?

RM: Only those who died in battle were buried. For hygienic reasons their bodies had to be collected and buried in appropriate places until the warring parties did agree to exchange the remains of the dead with each other.
CNN: So, possibly, that is what these surveillance planes have seen?

RM: First and foremost, your plane stories and your American stories that you know what’s going in the Universe, in the air, in a human head, in the soil and on Earth are not quite true. I wouldn’t wish to answer any provocative questions in order not to arouse the interest of the world public in some sad issues because at this moment there are many more important questions related to Srebrenica and Zepa or the fate of Muslim terrorists.

CNN: What are your plans for Gorazde and Sarajevo?

RM: I think that you are a journalist and not an officer. If you are a journalist then you must be asking this question just out of the art of putting questions. If you are an officer then you are asking it for lack of knowledge. Perhaps, you don’t expect me to expose my plans in front of the CNN cameras. These are secondary issues probably of a global nature. I expect you to ask questions about peace and ways of ending the war. And yet I wouldn’t wish to owe you an answer to the question about Gorazde and Sarajevo. The status of Gorazde is clearly defined. There, a circle of three kilometers in diameter was demilitarized. Unfortunately, the Muslims didn’t honor that and deployed another Mujahideen division outside that circle. They couldn’t enjoy the protection of the international peacekeeping force because the peacekeeping force was not supposed to protect armed Islamist fundamentalist divisions because they were supposed to guard peace. Those who pledged to guarantee security at the level of the Security Council and the United Nations should see to it that these forces are disarmed and that peace be established there both for the Muslim and Serbian people. Also, normal communication and use of communications should be guaranteed in the valley of the Drina River because it has strategic importance for the Serbian people. This is also true of Sarajevo. I think that these and many other problems of this region should be solved at the negotiating table through political and diplomatic dialogue and by sober-minded heads who know what they want to do and what it would be logical to do, who know what is fair to do on the basis of a common approach in compliance with international law and the United Nations charter instead of solving these problems by means of arms and their stockpiling in this region. Perhaps you think that the stockpiling of weapons here and the training of your guys to fly F-16 and F-18 planes provide security for America…But I am more inclined to believe that weapons are a horrible product of human brain and that war has been a terrible phenomenon through centuries of human history. If you asked me, I would have banned all peoples of the world from using and pronouncing these two words. I would also disagree that weapons should be produced as plastic toys for children. It may seem strange to you but I would join those generals from the past and present who, unfortunately, felt on their own skin just as I did that no one wants peace more than soldiers and generals. I am not telling you that because I’ve tested the high-tech weapons from many countries on us. I am not saying that out of fear. I’ve been at war for the fifth year running and to use a sport jargon I am in a very good shape to wage a war. We don’t have any other choice except defending our people. But my message to humanity, if it hasn’t yet learnt a lesson from the wars in Vietman, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and Chechnya, is that it should learn from this terrible civil, religious and regional war in which some great powers are also involved – and must end this war. They should sit down at the negotiating table and solve all disputable issues by peaceful means.

CNN: Let’s talk about peace. How soon can this war end?

RM: I am not a fortune-teller and I don’t make any forecasts. That’s why I wouldn’t set any concrete dates or deadlines. This question should be raised at the United Nations Security Council and great world power centers. Unfortunately, some of them have provoked and have been orchestrating this war. It goes on with greater or lesser intensity and is getting more complicated. As for me, I think that this war can end very quickly if the world community demands, neutrally and honestly, that all warring parties in this territory, on the basis of science, human conscience and sober mind, recognize that the Serbian people, who have had states in these territories for centuries have the right to have what was taken away from them by unwise decisions and resolutions. Our state which we had had for thousands of years was taken away from us and was given to other peoples who have never had it in history. Let’s say the Slovenes and the Croats, and now some separate forces in the United States would like to create a Muslim country in the Balkans with the help of Alija Izetbegovic. I cannot believe either as a human being or as a general that the United States has decided to create a small Iran in Europe. Let it wash its shameful face for imposing a blockade on us. Against the background of an officially proclaimed embargo on arms imports into this territory, the |Croats and the Muslims have been arming themselves with planes, helicopters, tanks and ships and have more ammunition than interventionist rapid reaction forces. Perhaps some of them have now come to their rescue because twenty days ago they didn’t have anything. Can you imagine that we cannot get the fuel to transport three thousand homeless people from the Republic of Srpska Krajina to safer places in Serbia and Republika Srpska in Bosnia, or we cannot get medicine for the old and disabled or baby mix for babies that are dying en route. What right have they got? If I were a journalist like you, please forgive me for my question but I am not sure that you will dare to ask it, I would have asked them what right did they have to impose a blockade on the Serbian people, and if it’s really right from the legal point of view that the Serbian people, who have had a state for centuries, now do not have a state that is recognized by the world community. I’ve recently seen a report on CNN about the lives of some tribes on the banks of the Amazon River and from the Kalahari Desert, about those Pygmies who are still living in tribal societies, but the only things they say about the Serbs are some stupidities about mass rapes. They are demonizing the Serbs and that has got nothing to do with reality. Let me tell you that in 1993 your media reported and recorded, you can find those shots in your archives, how during a war between the Muslims and the Croats we made it possible for the Croats to save their population and their forces in our territory. We sheltered their women and children and even soldiers and officers in our territory and transported them from the regions of Zepa and Usor to the territory of Herceg Bosna. There were about 30,000 of them. In one day alone we transported 904 armed soldiers and officers.

CNN: I think that your desire for peace is sincere. You can see that. How do you feel about being branded as a war criminal?

RM: I am going to answer this question now. I’ve expected that because all of you who come from western countries have clichés in your heads and ask similar questions.

CNN: You are a military man. So I believe you.

RM: I am going to answer your question. Let me continue. You are trying to influence me in a very cultured and intelligent way. I mean you and other of your male and female colleagues who have posed me such questions. But they were framed like pictures on a wall to fit in into some political dimensions or meet editorial wishes.

While we were fighting near Vares, we gave shelter to 25,000 Croatian wives and children and we enabled the Croats to take their armed units from the areas of Kiseljak and Vitez to rescue their people in Vares. We enabled their soldiers and officers after the Muslims had defeated them near Vares to leave that territory and safely walk with weapons in their hands to the region of Stoca where we handed them over to the Croatian side, even though they had committed some crimes against our people. In the region of Butojna and Mount Komar we received more than ten thousand of their soldiers and officers whom we later handed over near Kupres to Livno so that Croatia could attack that same Kupres several months later – just like Grahovo, Glamoc and the Republic of Srpska Krajina through which we had handed over their people to them. Then, in 1993 during the fighting in the vicinity of Srebrenica and Zepa we must have been the only army in the world to make it possible for the Muslims to evacuate in one day 495 wounded soldiers and officers from Srebrenica and 202 from Zepa by helicopters provided by the UNPROFOR. That number kept rising because the evacuation lasted for several days. In April 1994, about 753 Muslim officers and soldiers were evacuated by UN helicopters even though the NATO aviation was pounding us with bombs near Gorazde and killed our medical personnel in one village: the doctor and medical nurses from in the village of Gack. You can go there and film it to be convinced that I am telling the truth. Now, let’s get on to your second question.
I have partly followed that accusation of The Hague Tribunal launched against me.
I am a person who belongs to my people with all my heart just like my ancestors. My people or I were not the first to start that war. So neither my people nor its leadership, or me as a general, have declared war on anyone as yet. That war was declared on us and started by those who, unfortunately, in 1914 and 1941 together with the foreign troops of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and Hitler’s fascist hordes started slaughtering the Serbian people and throwing them into pits. I am defending my people with all my heart and all my skills from extermination because it was attacked by the Croat-Muslim armed formations against the will of a larger part of the Croatian and Mulsim populations, I have no doubt about that, and on the instructions from the world power centers that wish to “Germanize” and “Islamize” the Balkans and Europe.
I don’t recognize any trials except the trial of my own people. I don’t need to defend myself because these idiotic accusations have come from those centers which have been churning out lies through PR and similar organizations creating such chaos in these territories that the world community doesn’t know, doesn’t see or simply doesn’t want to see a way out of all this. Since you are a big country I will tell you the following: it doesn’t matter for me how long I am going to live, it’s important for me what I will be able to do for my people during my lifetime and how much I can contribute to saving them from all that terrible suffering from those who have attacked them and from those who support our adversaries and have great might.
I myself said that to General Smith and General Mayer and some other generals who had threatened us with bombardments. One of them was from your country. We are on our land and we are open to peace and cooperation with all the peoples and countries of the world. Neither the Serbian people nor I personally have any racial, religious or any other prejudices. The powers that be cannot take a decision to exterminate us because they are not going to succeed in doing that because our love of our homeland and desire to live are stronger than any weapons existing on this planet. We are going to survive and live because the suffering of the Serbian people in the Republic of Srpska Krajina has given us new and even greater strength than the suffering in Kosovo or the 1915 catastrophe when the Serbian army had to leave their homes and pull out to friendly Greece where it regrouped and reorganized and later liberated its motherland jointly with its allies. If you see any Serbian soldier or officer in the United States or any other country of the world who has come there on my order to stage a rebellion or overthrow the social system, you can be sure that I will voluntarily go to The Hague. I am also going to answer a question asked by your colleague Peter. He asked about rapes in Zepa. Let me apologize to a lady who is present here. In reply to his question I asked him to let me answer his question at the crime scene. I took him to one bus filled predominantly with women and children and also some men. He talked to those women. I wasn’t present during their conversation. When he went out I begged him to give an answer to his own question. I asked him whether he would have raped any of those ladies he had seen on the bus. He replied, “Mr. General, any person who’s going to ask you this idiotic question will be a crazy fool. After everything that I’ve seen there, I am surprised at you both as a person and general.” I don’t think he was hypocritical. I think he was sincere. You are from one country so you can talk to each other. I believe that you, a prominent journalist, has also come here with a picture which was a bit different from the one you are going to have after our conversation. Eventually, I would like to ask you that if you were General Mladic and so many of your people had been attacked and threatened, that the Mujahideens from Iran, Turkey and some Arab countries had cut the heads off both children and adults as was the case in Vlasic in 1993 and if your children had been killed by drug traffickers from some western countries, would you just sit idly or would you go out to defend your people? Would you wave your hands at NATO planes if they dropped bombs on you? Sir, with the help of powerful media you’ve convinced the whole world that the Serbs are savages because one of your planes came down on Serbian territory. President Clinton received that pilot as a hero. What right did he have to be in and over our country in the air space of the Serbian state? What threat did we pose to America? Did we threaten its sovereignty, integrity or did we simply reduce its role as a super power?
CNN: As a general and soldier in the rank, as a commanding officer and a soldier, if you knew a Serb soldier who has hurt or killed a woman or a child, how would you react to it?
RM: Every soldier who violates legal procedures based on international law and the law of the army of Republika Srpska, irrespective of the reason he commits an offence – the etiquette of the military profession or because of the task that has been assigned, will face the justice bodies of the Serbian Republic.
Let me tell you in the context of that sad scenario near Potocar in the outskirts of Srebrenica about an episode that was shot on camera. I may hand it over to the CNN one day. I spoke to those innocent women and children. I introduced myself to them. We had helped them with what we could. I told them how they were going to be evacuated. Then one lady of around thirty said allegedly in her torment, “General Mladic, you are very good-looking on television but one wouldn’t believe how handsome you are in real life.” Though I don’t belong to handsome people,I am not, say, as handsome as you are. You bear these typical American features: broad shoulders and a smile on your face. So, I answered that lady, “Madam, don’t present compliments to me. They are already accusing me of rape. How will the world react to your words?” But she replied jokingly, “You don’t have to rape, you just say.” I think that such stupid stories were told about high-ranking officials in Republika Srpska. I cannot understand one thing: how come that television sets haven’t burst in shame because of the lies they are spreading. Sir, we all have higher education. There’s not a single military school that I haven’t finished. I’ve been working with people all my life. For your information they were all absolutely normal people who underwent regular medical checkups twice a year. It didn’t matter whether a recruit, a junior commander or an officer came to a military school, all of them had to undergo a medical examination twice a year. My family, my school and my life have taught me to tell the truth and to fight for the truth. If it hadn’t been for this war, I would probably never have seen what can be seen and what can happen and be found in human skin. And now, my dear journalists, let me provoke you, despite the fact that you are from CNN. You cheated the world, all of you who announced the decision of the Security Council to declare a village of Zepa, where there are only ten houses, to be a town. It has never been and will never be a town. The war in Sarajevo started when Muslim terrorists attacked a Serbian wedding; and started boiling when Muslim terrorists attacked a column of the former Yugoslav People’s Army on Dobrovoljacka Street, where Muslim terrorists in the presence of General McKenzie were shooting at unarmed civilians and soldiers sometimes even from UNPROFOR cars. The Muslims did everything and will continue doing everything to involve the world community, especially the NATO pact, to fight on their side and for their goals by staging various subversive and terrorist acts and offensives. One such example was an attack on a queue for bread in which they killed a huge number of Serbs and also some of their own people for the purpose of demonstrating that the tragedy was a result of Serbian artillery and mortar attack. Or let’s take the tragedy of Markalama. Only those who had planned and perpetrated those monstrous acts and also those who covered them in the media by cheating the whole world have stayed clean of any crimes. And now let me defend myself slightly from your noble attacks.
What right have you got, as a person and journalist, I assume that you are a humane person if you are a journalist, to show so much interests in enclaves, be it Zepa or Sarajevo, and not to ask a single question how the Serbian people feel in …enclaves that were imposed on them by the will of world powers, including your country, when we cannot bring in oxygen for old people who need it? And now let me ask you one question: are you happy or unhappy that monstrous sanctions have been imposed on the Serbian people in Republika Srpska and Serbia? I assure you that the current exodus (from Srpska Krajina) and this 600-kilometer-long column of refugees is the result of those monstrous decisions on sanctions against the Serbian people and their demonization. The world power centers are doing everything to stir things up in order to achieve their dirty goals to dominate the Balkans. The Balkans should be left in peace to the Balkan peoples, who should be helped to find a way out of this Golgotha.
CNN: Final question. Does he have any sense, as a soldier and personally, when this war is going to end? Yesterday, Vice-President Koljevic told us he thinks the fighting will stop next month. Does the general have any sense in himself, as a soldier, as a man of experience and a human being as to when this war is going to end?
RM: Professor Koljevic is a political person and he’s probably more informed than I am. He has political contacts around the globe.
CNN: Is that possible – that the fighting could end next month?
RM: Are you married?
CNN: I am married with two children.
RM: Have you ever quarreled with your wife in your life or during your marriage?
CNN: No, never.
RM: I don’t believe you. I have quarreled with my wife. Sometimes those quarrels lasted for a long time…When we were young they were shorter. Now they are longer. You need great courage to start a war but much greater courage is needed to put an end to it. I am convinced that the Serbian people want peace and I am sure that the Muslim and Croatian peoples also want it. I am sure that with help from the world community and great powers it’s possible to end this war and force Croatia to withdraw its armed forces from the former Bosnia & Herzegovina. If it hadn’t had them there, there would have been no war in Bosnia & Herzegovina. We should sit down at the negotiating table and should solve all disputable issues on an equal footing in a short-term or long-term period because we are not against the Muslims or the Croats having their own state. But we don’t want this state to be created even on a millimeter of Serbian soil.
CNN: Is this possible so long as the Croatians are in Krajina?
RM: They ought to withdraw from the Republic of Srpska Krajina and a peacekeeping force should be deployed there to carry out its functions and re-establish the order that was there prior to the Croatian aggression. There’s not a single Serb and there should not be a single person in the world community who would try to verify the Croatian occupation of any part of the Republic of Srpska Krajina.
CNN: No peace unless the Croatians withdraw from Krajina?
RM: Let me tell you what. I would let those who had given the green light to the Croatian aggression against the Republic of Srpska Krajina to answer this question. I would tell you that we waged a war against the Turkish Empire for 500 and in some regions for 600 years until we liberated our hearths and the graves of our ancestors. For decades we fought against the Austro-Hungarian monarchy until we liberated our lands and for half a decade we fought against fascist Germany to do the same. Our ancestors fought better for our land than we do. Our land is sacred for us. We didn’t go to Alaska, Greenland, the Malvinas or the Falklands or Vietnam. We have stayed here and will continue to live on our land. It would be better for all the warring parties if peace settles here as soon as possible. It would also be good for their sponsors and patrons: a boomerang always comes back. The winds of war need to subside.
Interpreter: You should have the biography of General Mladic.
RM: Only don’t take it from me. I’ve met many prominent and fine people among the generals who held commanding posts in the former Bosnia & Herzegovina army or in the former Yugoslav army. They were of my age. It’s my first war and some of my colleagues, I am not going to name them now, have more than twelve wars and countries behind their backs but they have never fought on their own land for they have never been attacked. As far as I am concerned, the route to The Hague is open to me.
CNN: (Incomprehensible)
RM: CNN has fewer questions than I have answers.

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