This new Institute founded by the The Hague Academic Coalition (Carnegie Institute, Institute Clingendael, Universities of Leyden and Rotterdam) is meant to absorb, sorry to cooperate with the fore-mentioned and should find its place among the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitrage in the Peace Palace, the International Criminal Law Court, the UN Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Interpol.

Madame Madeleine Albright, who was the former US American secretary-of-state, during the illegal bombardments on Serbia and as such a war criminal, is member of its board. She played earlier a pernicious role in blaming the Serbian population for what was in fact muslim attacks around Srebrenica. She also has been pivotal in setting up stories dd 10 august 1995 conniving with Christian Science Monitor's journalist David Rohde about pretended 'secret mass graves of mulsim people' like in Nova Kasaba (where only 33 unidentified dead bodies have been found) and about presumed Serbian transports of dead bodies from Bosnia to Serbia without ever presenting any evidence. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of her mischiefs. Worst may be that she has been crucial in appointing the judges at the international criminal law tribunal for former Yugoslavia and has been implied as member of the Clinton administration in the total war against Yougoslavia, up to the denouncements of Milosevic, Karadic and Mladic, denying their constructive roles in peace broking, above which the Clinton administration preferred to go to war and bombed Yugoslavia killing 4000 innocent people, to say the least.

see for her role as a USA amdassador to UN:Greg Copley in videoseries 'Yugoslavia, the avoidable war' by Bodawich & Lerttmayer an d in it the interview with UN envoy to the UK David Hannay on
( I did not embed coz the interview runs over several parts to be found at the site herefore-mentioned); you rather read the article in combinaison with my other article on Mladic on this website. Read also the free on line book: The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics by Edward S. Herman and Phillip Corwin. Read ' NATO Crimes in Yugoslavia, documentary Evidence 24 march-24 april 1999,part I and II, Belgrade may 1999.)

She and mayor of the Hague J. van Aartsen. who was dutch minister of foreign affairs during these bombings were ostentatiously present during the inauguration of the institute. It makes it immediately clear, that this new think tank is bound to serve the masonic Bilderberg group ideas of conquering the world by rendering it infeodated to its banking system and by destroying the etnic tissues of countries not yet weakened by multikulti and multiracial immigration policies.

The Hague does not have any institute anymore, where continental thinkers, promoting the institutionalisation of Europeo-Russian nordic cooperation in stead of being propelled by an atlantic anglo-masonic orientation, can blossom. All students with some natural European pride will already be halted at the bachelor's degree level and rejected as 'nationalist extremist'.

I can foretell, that the new think tank will continue to preach soft war tactics like monetary and electronical wars, either short of or including physical bombardments against all states not yet infeodated to the USA international terror police state, like Albright did wage against Serbia, breaching ther entire building of peace treaties of international public law, without even any UN resolution. She is simply a war criminal and that does not predict anything good about the intention of the new institute.

One can ask whether the dutch tax payer forced to spend 17,5 million on this initiative should rather have spent it on an "institute for local Justice'. Albright did create two muslim states in Serbia (Bosnia and Kosovo); van Aartsen is transforming the population of the Hague in muslim people, organising naturalisation ceremonies for the veiled women. Asylants from islamist states are welcomed and are responsible for tremendous tensions in the very segregated town of THe Hague. For instance, Duindorp quarter is threatened by the influx of Somalian people. A dutch Court recentely did exonerate all charges against the leadership of the SHAM Foundation, responsible for the accomodation of asylants, although condemned by a tribunal for derouting about 17 million euro.

It is clear, that the upper class of The Hague, is totally de-rooted, trying to lick itself into international positions within the American empire, while ruthlessly exposing its own local people to a multiracial multicultural chaos. You can incarcerate Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic and declare them responsible for genocide, but sooner or later the European people wil discover that it is them, who are on the verge of extinction (in 1950 just 6% of world population), and decimated on purpose by the very spirit of the initiators of the new institute, that continues to propagate racial and cultural mixtures for ther lower classes of Europe, (while other elites don't: China, South-Amerika, Arab world, Hindu world).