Greece is super-rich in oil, natural gas, uranium, rare minerals etc etc. But the modern Greek state is not a Greek and it never was for that matter. It does not belong to the Greeks. It belongs to the crypto-jewish elite of Greece and to their co-religionists in New York . The wealth hiding in Greek underground has been known for decades (actually Herodotus mentions in his writings that oil comes out of the soil in several areas of Greece) but we were prohibited from extracting any of it. In fact until recently our governments have even refused to acknowledge that Greece has large oil deposits and they still refuse to acknowledge that large quantities of uranium exist in Northern Greece ( it was discovered as early as the 1940s). What happens now is the following: everyone knows Greece cannot pay off its debt. So it will eventually go bankrupt. Then Goldman Sachs and the other jewish institutions will come and buy everything in Greece including of course its minerals. That mentally handicapped jewish cockroach Papandreou was elected just to create the conditions for the imminent depredation of Greece.
Greece has a constantly shrinking native population of 9,000,000. At the same time it has a constantly growing population of illegal invaders close to 3,000,000. In other words as soon as the economy collapses Greece will be heading towards a colossal bloodbath.
Safe areas to buy land would be in the Eptanese island complex (the Ionian islands next to Italy) or Mani (Sparta) in Peloponnese (because the population there is right-wing and armed). Both areas have a considerable number of western Europeans (mainly Germans and British, though these two rarely mix and tend to live in different parts). Eptanese has more British, Mani more Germans.
Alexios Synodinos