My Moscovit friend Вячислав writes me:

“So let me continue our discussions about the Russia-Europe dialogue and cooperation.

Firstly i’m glad that the most of Europeans (as i think) are ready to accept Russians as europeans, but unfortunatelly have to admit, that not all the russians are looking forward to realize themselves as a part of Europe. I mean biologically of course, but there’s also quite strong influence and traditions of Moscovia political system, that was oriented to the east Roman Empire, the Byzantium, and was kind of against west Roman Empire, the Vatican, most Crusaders, then Catholics and Protestants. So unfortunatelly, the orthodox church in Russia was one of the main reasons for Russia to oppose the Western Europe. That was the time, when the idea of Russia as a separate civilization, the succesor of the East Roman Empire, Byzantium, and all the Orthodox Christian world. By the 18-19 centuries this idea has lost it’s actuality and Russia had absolutely European self-consciousness, as a 100% European Country and Nation, even one of the leaders of those time Europe. But the damn revolution and the rule of judeo-bolsheviks has raisen up again the idea of distance from Europe (as Capitalists, enemies of marxism and the world communism revolution) and began to orient more to other countries of socialist (marxist) camp. Most of those countries were in Asia, Africa, Latin America, so biologically-foreign people were told us to be closer and more friendlier, then our european brothers. The thing i want to say, that unfortunatelly these separatic-from-Europe ideas are still quite strong, especially among commies (we have them still these days, that’s not so strange, people just remember, that they had lived much better while the communists, than these days) and among religious orthodoxes (there are also plenty of them). So of course here i am struggling for our common European origin and Civilization-belonging. So here it’s even a stronger front of work for the Russian-European unity, than in European countries, which still look at the side of Russia with mixed feelings of interest, fear, friendship and caution (and i can understand them absolutely). So of course my dream is in White Europe Rise together with Russia envolved, the return of natural values, civilizational and biological self-consciousness of Europeans, and that the political system in Russia and Europe would turn in some compromising way. The ideal form for me – is the political system of modern European countries, Capitalist in general, but with a little socialistic orientation (as in Sweden), MINUS tolerance and ideological propaganda of race-mixing. In Russia people these days are still quite untolerant to everything they consider as unnatural, as gays, race-mixing and so on. Also Russians traditionally never trust jews and believe them to be treaters and enemies. That’s on one hand. But in another hand, in Russia there is still strong tolerance to the dictatorship and totalitarian rule of authorities. People don’t have strong political will to freedom. But they are always ready to fight in war with some foreign invaders.

In the Western Europe there’s a bit different situation (of course you know better, but i’ll tell how i see). The political system there is developed better, the democratic institutes actually work. The economy is also quite strong and stable. BUT! Europeans were made to accept tolerance, all those multi-culti ideas, and degenerational values, and they seem to accept them strongly, especially the younger generations, that just find all those things natural. So in these circumstances i find the way to our Civilization to survive – in combining the BEST sides of our countries – the more-or-less natural values and traditionalism of Russia and political system of Western Europe (of course with big corrections). Not as far as the whole political system, but the principles of People-Government relationships. I think in these case we could survive and get closer again (as we did originally).

So as for the Putin, actually his a horrible hideous bastard. His even much worse, than Jeltsin. He’s a KGB officer, so his a strong enemy of European Russia, he openly propagands the Eurasian ideology (by which Russia is oriented more to Asia, than to Europe). But that’s only theoretical aspect. The practical aspect, that he’s responsible for the genocide of Russian people, several million people died at the time of his rule (last 12 years) and all forms of life got worse. For him there’s absolutely no difference between the native people of Russia of the third country immigrants. He’s providing the policy of replacing native people with Asians and Caucasians. Even I remember times, when Russia was generally white, there were no immigrants or anytihng. These days there are catastrophically lots of them in EVERY city or even villages. And he supports their immigration here so much, that tey are given more rights, than Russian people have. He initiated the acceptance of damn laws 282 and 288, by which all people, that are unhappy with the immigrational policy are claimed as extremists. Immigrants from Caucasus and Asia are very agressive and conflict here, and when there are some fights or things of these kind with them and Russian people, the courts always sew Russian people (because the 288 law is used only against whites), and Caucasians usually can avoid going to jail even after killing some russian (because of their diaspora help and strongest supports of Putin’s party policy). First vice-president in Russia is Vladislav Surkov, but it’s a pseudo-name, his real name is Aslanbek Dudaev, a chechen maggot, who is the author of ideology of Putin’s party. And that party actually controls all spheres of political life – ministries, governemnt, parliament, courts, army and the police. That’s one of the reasons, why Chechens (especially)
and other Caucasians have so much rights, and their regions are 99% donors from the federal budget – they just pay them huge amounts of money to buy their friendship and make them stop the war actions. But this payment is made with our money and our blood. Kadyrov is Putin’s good friend and the absolutist president of Chechen republic and a former terrorist, has built a parasitic nationalistic country Chechnya, that does not need to work, or produce something, but it just lives for our expense. But Chechens for some reasons dont want to be in their republic and prefer to move to Moscow or St. Petersburg, where the only thing they can do is banditism with the support of their diasporas and local authorities. They are a huge problem, sub-human with more rights than we have. With Putin russian people have no chance to survive, he’s responsible for so lots of crimes, that it would be really unfair, if he died by natural death.

Excuse my radicalism and agression, but he’s 100% enemy.

Just to compare – before Putin there was only one historical Mosque in Moscow, toaday there are 8 mosques in Moscow. And no need to say, that about 13 population of Moscow are different sorts of bio-foreigners, mostly muslims.

By the way he’s also a big friend of jews and zionists:

So ‘Russia without Putin’ is our only way to survive, but it doesnt seem, that he is ready to give up and take off the rule. He just strengthen his powers. Almost everybody here hates him, but for imigrants of course, and the oligarchs.

by the way, we are having an absolutely weird weather here. In december it’s usually a strong frosty winter already, with snow and so on. But there hasn’t been any signs of winter yet, it’s about +4+6 degrees, rains. A common winter weather in London. But not for us. It should be about -5 -10. Possibly the Global Warming is partly true. Most of the pictures i sent you were made last days, so it you can imagine how it looks like, not a gleam of winter.”

and he elaborates on this theme later (december 2011):

So I’ll try to make it a bit clearer with these names and organizations. First of all it is needed to describe the overall political situation in here. Russian political system these days is very much likely to the Soviet type. So actually it is absolutist and autoritarian. Russia is a presidential republic, so the most powerfull figure in political life is president. Putin used to be a president twice, and as far as can’t officially be the president for the third time in row, he placed his marionet-figure Medvedev, so that to rule the country by just controlling him. It is obvious that medvedev doesn’t decide anything, or controlled, but is being controlled. His actual function is representative – like the Queen of Great Britain. And his main role – to keep the president’s chair for Putin, when he would be able to take it back constitutionally. So in march 2012 we have president elections, and be sure, that putin will “win” the elections, though everyone hates him. So going forward – Putin is a prime minster these days, so he sets the government and they totally depend on him. The next – parliament. Putin is the head of the “United Russia” party, that now has more than 60% of chairs in parliament, and that means – they have absolute monopoly in creating, providing and accepting laws. Just anyone they like. All courts, governal organizations and all other spheres of life are depended on that party and personally putin because people must be members of this party, to get administrative positions in these organizations. Another important branch of powers here – special bureaus like KGB. Today it’s called FSB. They are actually one of the strongest and most powerful structures in Russian political system. Their main task is to provide the current authorities’ safety from being changed. So they do everything, fight with opposition, creating their “false opposition” to create the vision of political life in Russia. No need to say, that FSB and all related structures are subordinated to Putin, as you know, he himself used to be a KGB officer, and a spy in after WW2 Germany. So that is the picture of political life. Everything is ruled straightly by Putin (or at least seems to, i don’t know, whom he could be subordinated to in secret). All other parties we have – communistic, democratic, socialist or so on, they all play absolutely zero role. All together they are less than Putin’s party, and if they try to make Putin less powerful, they could be forbidden with the help of corresponding laws, that Putin’s party has taken.

And all such organizations as Nashi, Stahl and others, they of course are the product of Kremlin propaganda. They are not organizations in common sense. They gather by a command when they are needed. Usually they are used to make fake demonstrations, pro-Putin and pro-authorities. They just invite some students, even school children, some retired people and just grown-up idiots, pay each of them about 6 euros for an hour for participating in demonstration, and then they just go home. So they are used as decorations for official TV reports. (all channels are controlled, we have no free TV or any mass media, except for some rare liberal media, that are financed from the west). In tv news they make a report about pro-authorities demonstration, that proves (how they think), that our people adore Vladimir Putin and the party. They same thing as in soviet times)

Jashin and Boris Nemtsov are actuall opposition. They are liberals. So Nemtsov is an experienced politician, that has never been more or less popular, but all the time tried to stay in political game. Jashin is just a live journal or twitter blogger, quite a popular. as we have no free media, facebook and twitter are the only ways for spreading information and news among people in mass. So he is quite a popular person among liberal or democratic bloggers, and he cooperates with Nemtsov these days. Both were envolved in anti-Putin demonstrations, that took place las weeks. Need to say, that those demonstrations were very popular among people. The main idea was to mention the unfair votes, and generally people’s tiredness and dislike of the present authorities, that hadn’t had changed for more than 12 years. Of course, Nashi organization didn’t take part in anti-Putin demonstration, they took part in the opposite pro-Putin demonstration, that was organized by Kremlin to show in TV. They just take some people, give them flags and banners, give some money and make a TV broadcast. And that’s their function. all those contesters are rarely more-or-less interested in politics and are unable to say, why are they supporting putin, just for quite a little sum of money. This time it was very funny, they took Asian imumigrants to the demonstration. it’s quite a famous photo, a Nashi pro-Putin demonstration in moscow.

And this is a foto of a anti-putin demonstration that took place this saturday. I’ve been there. I’ve never seen so Many people in one place. Just tremendous!

And wat’s interesting, people of different ideologies took part in the demonstration, liberals, communists, nationalists, antifa, sex-minorities, socialists and others, but all of them were white. And all they hated the Putin’s regime.

As for those liberals – Nemtsov, Javlinsky, they’ve never been popular in Russia, on of the reasons – their attitude to tolerance and other thing. pro-immigrational policy. Yes, and that they are believed to be Jewish. At least they dont seem Russian. But as for me, they are not so bad, at least they are pro-European, and are against this authorities, that are the worst, that ever could happen. Want to pay your attention to an interesting figure, who made quite much in organizing those demonstrations and anti-Putin propaganda – Alexey Navalny. He’s democratic oriented, pro-European and ethnically Russian (rare thing in politics haha). Also one very important thing – he’s mildly nationalist and anti-islamist. In legal forms. So I could be wrong, or don’t know some important things about him, but now he’s the only political figure in Russia, whom i respect and more or less trust.

One important figure that you mentioned is Vladislav Surkov. Vladislav Surkov is a pseudo-name, his real name is Aslanbek Dudaev, a Chechen. He’s Putin’s right hand and a very influential figure. He is the author of Kremlin’s ideology and he manages the inner-Russian policy. He is actually the reason why chechens are the most highly privileged people in Russia. The chechnya is actually an independent nationalistic islamist state, that provides nothing, but just lives on federal budget. And they are getting about 10 times more money from budget, than an average Russian state gets. And they get lots of quotes in the most prestigious russian universities, and so on. actually the Chechen mafia is very powerfull and cruel here. Try to imagine, that nowadays even tolerant liberals admit that Chechens are a huge problem. And having their own nationalistic and budget-feed state, they still prefer to move to Russian cities and the only way of living they know is banditism, so they cause lots of problems, but they are being taken care of and supported by kremlin (actually Surkov-Dudaev and Kadyrov personally). So when people are getting too angry with chechens and all sorts of others like Dagestanis and so on, they provide the anti-nationalistic campaign, as they say, and set in jail people, who says that Chechens and others must not live here.
There was also one funny moment. Chechnya is a region that makes no profit at all, no factories, nothing. There is a giantic unemployment, but still they have tremendous summs of money, they build the hugest mosques and their level of life is generally higher then Russian’s. So once a journalist asked Kadyrov (the president of Chechnya), where does Chechnya get money from. The answer was, that Allah himself gives money to Chechnya. So from that time, Surkov and Putin are often called “Allah”))) That’s a popular story here.

Most of others you mentioned are quite not famous or influential. Jakemenko is a leader of Nashi – Putin’s vassal. So his role just to lead the sheeps in demonstrations. He doesn’t actually has some power. G Kasparov yes, is a jewish politician and former chess-champion. He is from the circle of Nemtsov and Jashin. He’s absolutely not popular.

So that’s a small excursion to Russia’s political life from me) Actually the situation is quite sad. They will always force any kind of opposition and the will go on ruining my country and providing the genocide of Russians and replacing them with Chechens and Asians.

Yes, and as for the Russian March. Originally, it’s an annual demonstration of Russian right-winged nationalists, and supporters. It is held in the 4th of novembre. So this demonstration was usually banned, but still was held every year. Lots of people were arrested and some of them set in jail after those Russian Marches. As far as nationalistic ideas are popular among Russians, the Russian March was also quite popular, and more people joined it. In the beginning it was mostly consisted of skinheads, NS and such kind of people. But for the last years more common people join it, even veterans, different kinds of intelligent and succesful people.
So Nashi’s organized their own Russian March, to discreditise the original one. The real Russian March is held under the slogans of “Stop Immigration”, “Russia is for whites” and such of that kind, and Nashis’ “Russian march” is held under tolerant slogans as “Russia is for everyone”, “all people are equal”, “Stop racism” and so on. Actually their demonstration is not at all interesting or popular, but the same thing – this is made to show on tv, that only tolerant Russian march took place.